Monday, May 2, 2011

Chair solution

I finally finished up the new office chair. I'm really excited about it...our old office chair was acutally one of our dining room chairs. Not super comfy and no arms to it! I spent some time scouring Craigslist, looking for a cool, retro chair....with no luck.

So, I found this old dud....

You can read all about its transformation here.

However, I had a small problem. I had covered the back of the backrest and in order to reattach the backrest, I had to put screws under the fabric. Uh-oh.

So, I had to reevaluate and I decided to cut open the back and cover the backrest with a gold fabric I had leftover from another piece of furniture.

It looked great, except for the scruffy edges. What to do? Upholstery tacks to the rescue.

It was not perfect for my first time, but it looks nice and to be honest, it adds a lot more interest to the chair than before I cut through the back and added the gold fabric! My confidence level is higher after having done this project. : ) The hardest part was folding down the fabric, spacing the tacks and not hammering my fingers in the process.

Here is the back all finished out....

And finally, the chair in the office!

Much better.


Tulip and Turnip said...

SO much better, and what a creative solution! That office space looks adorable. :)

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Yay! You came, Jennifer! Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

The DIY Show Off said...

So cute, Jennifer! :)

I like your closet re-organization too!

Have a great week!