Friday, May 20, 2011

What's in bloom?

Woo hoo, am I excited for a nice weekend! We have finally reached the end of our rainy and chilly week here and this weekend is supposed to be beautiful and sunny. I had a dry day to plant some containers and take some pics of what is blooming right now.

My Knockout roses are showing their first blooms. I have two double pinks on each side of my front step.

Not fully opened, but lots of buds! Here is a plant that is new to me. I planted this last fall and it's a perennial...campanula. This variety is low-growing with small leaves and little purple flowers all over it.

And...I saved the showstopper for last! My clematis is in bloom on our lamppost. I am so happy to see it doing so well.....clematis needs a little time to get established and this is my plant's third year in our garden.

Have a great weekend!

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Jesse and Lauren said...

I love campanulas and clematis! I can't wait to have a home where I can plant some perennials. For now it is container gardening for me. Sometimes just as beautiful, but definitely not as easy on the wallet as the plants that come back on their own every year. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Always fun to hear when new people are reading. :) I will add you to my blogroll. -Lauren