Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's in bloom?

Well, here we are, with another edition of the flowers showing off in the garden currently. I'm super excited about gardening here...we are only a week or so away from the frost free date here in zone 6a! This weekend, along with some room redo for my sister, I am planning to hit the Early Bird sale at our local garden center. They open from 7-9am and you get to take 20% off your entire purchase. I go every year and buy most of my annuals for the season. I love it--you walk in and they have fresh, hot coffee and donuts at the door. I'll snap some pics of some great plants I see there this Saturday...and I'll be sure to share pics of the room redo as well!

On to some of the stars...first up is a pic of the blooms on one of my catmint plant--Nepeta 'Walker's Low.'

This plant is a perennial that blooms nearly the entire growing season with pretty purple flowers. It spreads out wide, so give it room. The foliage is a nice dark green with a bit of silver to it.

Next up, a bloom from my chives. The blooms are really nice...and they are actually edible, also. You can put them in salads for visual interest

I also spotted a few blooms from my sage plant. To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen sage bloom before! It's kind of structural with a pinkish tint.

Last, one of my favorites....perennial geranium. The blooms on these plants are just gorgeous and they have a long bloom time during the summer. The color is really saturated and the veining in the blooms is so cool.

Have a great day!

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