Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bookshelf details

I can't believe it is the week before Memorial Day weekend....this year is flying by! I so excited for this weekend (more on that later). I think of this time right before the end of the school is kind of like the build-up to Christmas.....sometimes the anticipation of Christmas and/or summer vacation is just as good as the actual thing!

We had a great weekend...I took Charlie out to my mom and dad's lake cabin and we did some fishing! The weather was great and it really felt like summer. I didn't want to come home on Sunday....: )

Here are some pics of the details up close of our bookshelves. This first picture shows the little can lights at the top of our bridge piece over the television.

Next, the picture ledge over the television. This idea we also stole from the IKEA room where we got the idea. I like changing out the photos when we get new ones made of the kids and that is Charlie's artwork, which can also be changed out.

The candid shot in the center is one of my favorites of my children! Here is the magazine shelf. We have one on each side of the TV (check it out here). I love these shelves because the covers are so artful and it's a unique way to display the covers. I am definitely a magazine-aholic!

Fred likes Time and VF...and the rest are mine. The other side of the TV has all of my favorite home dec magazines.

Last, some pics of the overhead lights. We bought these at IKEA. They look so library-like and I love the way the room looks with just the lights on. They throw off enough light  onto the floor that you don't have to have the other lights on, unless you are reading or something.

All of the lights are on timers. I love timers. I think I must have about 10 timers going during the holidays!

Hope you are having a great week!

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