Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big boy room start-up

So.....what comes after the cutest nursery that you spent time putting together (and registering for)? A big boy or a big girl room. I've had it on the brain a bit, since our now 2 year old baby girl is getting to be a big girl and she's about to move down the hall. Next to the bathroom, away from right next to Mama and Daddy. 

And so it goes with my dear sister, Leah, and her oldest little guy. He graduated to a big boy room when #2 displaced him. ; ) He transitioned like a champ and when my sis saw the pics of my little big guy's room (check them out here), she asked me for some ideas and help for D's room.

Here are a few before shots...

We decided to go with a navy border at the bottom with a grass green stripe...after several paint samples on the wall. I am now officially a huge fan of the little 8oz paint samples, since we changed our minds on one of the colors. Three of the upper walls are light blue and the accent wall is orange above the green/navy.

In can see the samples on the wall. The green on the wall turned out to be a litte too lime-colored, as you will see. I measured around the room with pencil marks and lined up the tape. In the past, I have used a laser level and did not have anyone to hold it (usually my helper husband) I used a tape measure and a pencil.

The green tape you see is called Frog Tape and it was awesome! Easily the cleanest lines I ever had when doing a project like this. I highly recommend it.

After painting up to the edge of the Frog Tape, I let it dry and pulled up the tape. I thought I'd have to continue the project another day....I did do all of this in one day, about 7 hours! But...I was able to add the blue painter's tape (I cannot remember the brand offhand) and put it on over the painted edges and lined up on the line....

Then, I added the green. I was really worried the blue tape would pull up the previous paint (especially without overnight dry time--or three days of curing as the tape recommended), but it worked like a charm!

Now that it's done, I can't decide which color I like the most! It's definitely a punch of color and most definitely fits the sweet little nephew.

More to come on this project....
It's a great room and they had some beautiful valances, plus some really cool prints on the wall that we used for some color inspiration. I'll post some pics of the prints later on.


SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

I can't wait to see the final look :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment about the scripture cases.

Leah B said...

Dear Sis....looks just amazing in your pictures as it does in real life!! Bravo!! We are loving it! xoxo

Leah B said...

P.S. I love how amazing the room looks in the "before" photo. Complete with a bedskirt that is falling off, changing pad on the bed. Classy stuff.