Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's in bloom

All systems are go in the garden.....we spent last Saturday edging and mulching. I have planted some annuals and also direct-sown some seeds into the garden.

Hip, hip, hooray. We're getting close to just sitting back and enjoying it all.

Here is what is in bloom right now.

My double pink Knockouts are in full force. I also used some imidicloprid to treat for those beautiful holes you see in the leaves.

Lately, I have been a big fan of plants that self-sow for the next year. There's something about a plant that's able to propogate itself without much help from me. Plus, who doesn't like free plants? This alyssum seeded itself from last year and is already blooming.

My Endless Summer hydrangea is putting on blooms. It's had a bit of a rough spring....not only was it planted just last August, we had all of our spring growth come in really early this year, so we've had some frosts that had blackened the leaves a little bit. But the hint of pink I see on these blooms is so pretty!

Here is a plant new to my garden, planted just last fall. Alchimilla mollis....lady's mantle. I'll have to snap a shot of them after it rains. The leaves are so pretty and the chartreuse blooms are not so bad either.

The catmint, which is Nepeta 'Walker's Low' is really coming into itself. This is the third year for this plant and it has just taken off.

Lastly, two standbys......daylilies 'Stella d'Oro' and spirea, var. unknown. It messes with my head a bit that the daylilies are already in bloom. I always associate daylilies with June. : )

Hope your garden is colorful, too.....



Self Sagacity said...

Love the last flower. It looks so fragile.

Fred Reeder Jr. said...

The catmint should be called beemint. There are a million bees around it all the time. Not a fan of bees, although I'm starting to grow fond of the bumblebee. I don't know why. Nor do I know why I'm typing this.

I love the alyssum. More of that, please!