Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fly, fly, butterfly

Last weekend, we went to the butterfly show down at Krohn's Conservatory in Cincinnati on Mother's Day. I guess I'd heard about it before, but I never considered making the trip down. It was my husband's idea to go down for Mother's Day--it was free for moms that day, yay--so we checked it out.

Unfortunately, it was raining and my husband had to stand out the the rain for tickets. I guess a lot of dads had the same idea we did! But....once we got our tickets and stood in line to get in, it was REALLY neat! 

They handed out these little pink flowers that you held to attract the butterflies.

On my son's yellow jersey....

These butterflies were a really pretty blue when their wings were open and they were flying.

Although these butterflies came from around the world, it got me thinking of planting some flowers to attract butterflies to our garden.

I think we'll go back in the summer when we have more time to look and it's less crowded.

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andie jaye said...

how cool! we've been to something similar and it was so awesome! are those pink flowers they gave you real or paper?