Saturday, May 5, 2012


As I've mentioned on my blog, I'm not a huge reader of fashion magazines. I do have a subscription to InStyle magazine, but that's about as much as I can take on a regular basis. My sister-in-law, who has made her career in retail, passes issues of Vogue along to me. Although the clothes are uberexpensive and it's a bit highbrow, I do enjoy leafing through it....the pictures are so artful. 

I saw a tasseled necklace in the last issue I read and I tore out the picture. It inspired me to make my own. I thought, "I can make that."

So, here is how it went down.

I thought about what kind of string to use and I decided on a string I found at the hardware store. It was about $4.

I already had silver chain and a lobster clasp. I used a few jump rings to attach the clasp to the chain.

I used one piece of string to string through the chain.

To make the rest of the tassel, I cut a bunch of string the same size. About ten pieces of string. I bunched them together over the string on the necklace. Then....I used another piece to tie VERY tightly around the whole tassel. It took me a few tries to get my system down.

I did get to use fire with this project. Since the string was a bit slippery, I used my candle lighter to singe the ends so they wouldn't come apart. This is like what my dad used to do with ropes for his boat, since they were made out of synthetic materials.

The singeing bonded the string together and kept it from coming apart.

I decided on seven tassels. I had to trim up the ends.....

Here is the finished product. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I'm loving the color, too.

Full disclosure was not the quickest of projects. I worked on it at our kitchen table while my kids were doing art. It probably took me about 45 minutes to an hour. It took me a bit of time to figure out how to tie everything so it wouldn't come apart. Also, I needed a few tries to figure out that the tassels and the knots all needed to face the same way.

On me....

Not bad for a Vogue knock-off....

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Mindie Hilton said...

Cute necklace.

Fred Reeder Jr. said...

I feel so inferior when I read how you create all these things.

And how much was the Vogue necklace?

Heather Kaluf said...

Love your necklace!
Thanks for sharing at our Sunday Round Up.