Monday, May 7, 2012


My campanulas are in bloom right now and I was struck by the color combo of these two plants...

I'm really digging the deep blue/purple blooms right up next to the lime green.

With the campanulas is sedum 'Angelina.' I really like the turns a darker rust color during the winter and has great lime green color during the growing season.

I'm also amazed by the fact that this combination was an accident. I let my son pick out a perennial that he wanted to plant and he chose the sedum. He made a great choice!

I pruned the base of my tree after I took these pics!

Too bad this color combination will be around for just a few weeks! : ) Then it will be on to something new.

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The Bold Abode said...

Those are gorgeous! I wish the flowers would bloom forever...sigh.

Darla said...

Very nice. I have Angelina here and there and a little of everywhere, I just let it go.

Hilani - Handmade by Hilani said...

This is so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the belt up do .:)