Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a man

My husband had a nice surprise for me last night. Since I have to spend my evening tonight at school for one of our last pep band gigs (nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like HS basketball), he picked up fixin's for dinner and cooked me a nice dinner. I arrived home to cheese fondue....then after the kids were in bed, we dined on steaks, twice-baked potatoes and broccoli. Finished up with some Graeter's ice cream. It was so nice to have someone cook for me!!

Then, last weekend, I had quite a nice surprise from my husband and son.....

Yes, those would be....REAL.....conversation hearts.

I decided to make a scientific comparison.

I think the Sweethearts are a bit darker in color. And quite offensive in taste. Lest they look harmless.

I have a routine for enjoying my hearts. I eat all of one color at a time. In my opinion, the best flavors/colors are, in reverse order:

5. Orange and green, either or. These are my least favorite.
4. Pink
3. White
2. Purple
1. Yellow

I didn't used to like pink or white...they have grown on me.

Be still, my heart.

Yes, Necco conversation hearts. Only you.

And you, my dear husband! 

Happy V Day, all.

1 comment:

Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Fascinating analysis of candy hearts. I anxiously await your bunny vs. chick Peeps dissection.