Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fashion No. 1....up and down

Recently, I've been reading blog posts and seeing link parties related to fashion. You know....What I Wore.....Worst Dressed. All that jazz.

I thought I'd share a few recent outfits. A dressed-down and a dressed-up.

Here is a look I sported on Super Bowl night. You will see from my outfit that we surely didn't host any company that evening. Husband and I had a hot date with a take 'n' bake pizza and Miller High Life.

I like to imagine this look as "low-key luxe." Luxe, you say? Well, my pants are comfy sweats/yoga pants in a khaki color. My top is a thin, brown sweater that I think elevates the comfy pants a bit. I wore it over a cami and I can't be positive that I was wearing a real bra that night....and no makeup. A step up from down and out sweats, though. I tried not to totally slum out by wearing a necklace! I'm tryin' a bit.

Kudos to my six year-old, who took the picture. : )

Here's a look for school.

I look fairly chipper for 7:15am, don't I? This was taken last week before I came down with...bronchitis. I am wearing a tunic sweater from H&M over black pants and boots. I wear this pink scarf a goes well with blacks/greys and also browns. The belt is new....I bought it on clearance at Kohls' for about $4!

There you have it, a few of the ups and downs of fashion in my life. Take 1.

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andie jaye said...

i LOVE your work outfit. you look so cute! and you're so tiny! and yes, that pink scarf is awesome!