Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love these looks

I don't have a subscription to Vogue...I read it occasionally when I visit my sister-in-law, who works heavy-duty in retail.

Vogue tends to be a little intense for me, but I do think the photos are so artful. These pictures of Taylor Swift in the last issue caught my eye.

I like Taylor Swift well enough....she seems to be a younger celebrity who has her head on a bit straighter than many of her contemporaries. At least from what I can tell by reading magazine articles about her, right?

While I think her style is well and good, I've never seen her looking so glamorous!!! I am in LOVE with the dress over pants in the next pic. With the bag and boots.

Looking good, Taylor!!!

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Ashley Marie said...

Aaaah Taylor! She's a beauty for sure! I have been contemplating the dress over jeans thing for years... I think it may actually be do-able now that fish tail dresses have come to style! We'll see... haha

I subscribed to Vogue for years and then finally realized how unattainable the inspiration I got from it was. After all, I live in the country. The fact that I wear high heels with jeans flips most out! The magazine is now classified on my 'I Wish' list.

btw, I got a new button... I somehow deleted the photo used in the button code you have. I'm a moron at times, lol