Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where the magic happens

I cannot believe we have only four days until Christmas. Wow! December has been flying by. My last day of school was last Friday, so I have certainly been enjoying the time off and finishing up preparations for the holiday. 

I've also been living in sweats the last few days (and loving it....)! I had a student--who I'd seen at the grocery this fall--a few weeks ago that commented to me that I looked cute at school and I wore jewelry and stuff. So, I said, "And I guess at the grocery, I was wearing......sweats?" She nodded and it was like she did not want to say anything not very nice. Yeeeeaaaaah. Oh, well.....I've been known to rock sweats and no makeup on my days off. : )

So, I was working in my sewing room, wrapping presents and doing other general Christmas prep. The mess was getting to me and I started to frantically clean up when I thought, I should take a picture of this. It's where the magic happens.....

Wow! I hope no one wants to come over and spend the night.

Oooh, there are some essential items there on the ironing board. Phone? Check. Coffee (at 3pm)? Check.

Ugh. And I'm itching to vacuum......

Hope you're enjoying some holiday prep as well! I've got some cool presents I've made that I'll share next week (can't give them away now!) and I'm going to be featured over at {Ginger Snap Crafts}.  She is doing Christmas Break at Ginger Snap Crafts for the next two weeks....

Ginger Snaps
Check it out! And hang in there this week!

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andie jaye said...

haha! we've got a room like that. right now our playroom is sort of a catch all. good project to tackle after the new year! Merry Christmas!