Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Houseplants 2

Whew!  We have been back to school this week and it has been an adjustment to get all of us back into the routine.  I was headed to the gym today after school but stopped in at Jo-Ann Fabrics and got sucked in....looking at home decor fabrics!  Fun!  I found some good options for cornices for our living room and also some nice possible black prints for the office.  When I get to go there without kids, I spend WAY longer than I mean to!

On to the rest of my houseplants....

This plant was a cutting from one of the plants I had in a pot on our front step last summer.  I cannot remember what kind it is....but I had cut off a bit to put in some water in the house and it sprouted roots.  So, I potted it up and it has been thriving!

This is one of my favorites....Christmas cactus.  VERY easy houseplant.  At our old house, it was in a west-facing window and it bloomed in January.  Now I have it in an east-facing window and it bloomed right around Thanksgiving time into December.  It's really pretty!  I water this one only when I remember to and it has been in this pot forever.

This is my other favorite plant.  I potted this ivy into an old pot that came from the farm where my grandfather grew up in SoDak--South Dakota!  I added a small tuteur for the ivy to climb.  It gets a haircut when it gets out of bounds....

One Christmas, I added white lights and left them on....and they have been there now for years.  I like to have some kind of white lights in the house.  A timer turns them on and off each night.

I most recently started some paperwhites in my kitchen to have something green sprouting out during these long winter days.

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