Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars?

I must be honest....I have been in heaven since regular TV started up again. Not that I don't enjoy some good holiday programming, but I tell ya, I like having something to look forward to each week. And in the evenings once the kids are in bed and I am "off duty."

I've been watching Project Runway All-Stars a bit since it started. 

I'm not 100% sold on it. It's on my B gets watched when all of my other shows have been taken care of. It's a bit like the poor man's Project Runway......Project Accessory was like that, too, but way worse than this go-'round. But for the All-Stars? No Heidi Klum and no Tim Gunn. Makes for a bit of a dry show. The only thing I do enjoy is some of the people they have brought back.

First of all, the host......Angela Lindvall--pretty and not bad. Better than the Accessory host (who was wooden, not exciting at all and I cannot remember her name) but how can you follow H.K. and be better? Not possible.

I think one of my main beefs with this show is that some of the people aren't....well, all-stars. It's almost like some of the people who truly qualified to be an all-star didn't want to do it, so they went to their B list. Here are my non-all star people:

  • Elisa--very weird. Anyone surprised she was eliminated first? I am surprised that she wasn't kept longer just for the entertainment value.
  • Jerell--I don't even remember you or what season you were on, so clearly you cannot be all-star material.
  • Sweet P--I think the name is a bit annoying and I don't recall her being that great the first time she was on.
  • Kara--annoying. I am incredulous that she was not eliminated this week. Another who was not really a standout the first time around. Her fashion style leaves something to be desired as well. Although I'm not a fashion designer....I don't think it's unreasonable to expect fashion designers to be....well, fashionable?
  • Kenley--also annoying to me. Always makes the same thing. Reincarnated from the '50s.
  • April--although I like her toughness and how buff she is, I can't get over her hair. It looks like Kelly Obsbourne's right now (did you see her on the Globes red carpet?)....a mix between purple and grey.
  • Gordana--very likable and nice, but her designs are not so memorable.
And....the mucho all-stars:
  • Austin Scarlett--love, love, LOVE. One of my favorites ever. Love the flamboyancy. But he needs to lose the porn 'stache.
  • Rami--although not much in the personality department, I like his clothes. One of the talented who never won.
  • Anthony--hilarious. Cracked me up before and now. Not that he's that great of a designer, but he's funny as hell.
  • Michael C.--love his clothes. I don't think he got the credit he deserved his first time...they got a lot of play off the drama between him and the other designers. I think he's kind of sweet and I root for him.
  • Mondo--one of my favorites ever. He always has a different perspective with his designs. I like how he and Michael C. are buddies.
So, we will see what happens....


adventuresindinner said...

So glad to meet you over at my blog :-) Hope that you pop by and share a Valentine's project today at my party.

Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Kenley. She pleases me.