Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year to you. I have to be honest here....I kind of hate NYE. I think it might possibly be the lamest holiday ever. Or the most overrated. If you don't have the coolest plans ever, then you are a complete loser. I think the one I remember the most is the one where it became 2000.

One of my least memorable would be when I spent the evening with my friend and her boyfriend at his apartment. LAME. The only upside was that the next day, I had my second date with my now-husband. I think a NYE date would have been way too much pressure for a second date, don't you? I suspect--but am not sure--that my husband's NYE that year was equally as lame.

So, last night, my husband watched college basketball and I fell asleep on the couch around 9:45. Miraculously, I awoke at 11:57pm. To Lady GaGa (Gaga? Ga Ga?) starting the big ball that falls.

So, because of our lameness, here is how we ring in 2012 in our household....the next morning.

Party hats, noisemakers, mimosas and egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches. Can't go wrong.

I'm pretty excited for 2012...2011 was certainly a wild ride and I'm ready for this one.


lauren @ crazy ever after said...

I like this. In fact, I LOVE this. I had another mom friend update her Facebook saying she was ringing in the new year with her little boy, husband, all while cleaning out her closet. It's all about the seasons in our lives. And I am kinda over the "going out" season I am in. I feel pressure to go out and do things. This year I made a few phone calls to the families I nanny for asking if they wanted me to babysit. It's true. Miss Fun Pants here (sarcasm) wanted to babysit rather than ring in the new year party style. No one ended up needing me, so we did do some things out about with friends (and had a great time) But I really would have been just as happy being home. The holiday is pretty overrated. And kinda unsafe with all those hooligans out driving around under the influence of who knows what!

Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

Yeah, New Year's isn't really my favorite either. Mostly because the idea of having my young children stay up doing annoying things to try to stay awake and then being wicked cranky the next day if they did make it just doesn't appeal. I will try to be more fun when they are older. For now, we have a junk food living room floor picnic for dinner, watch a movie and then do an early countdown. So they get the noisy fun, and I get to put them to bed at a sane hour. Win-win. :)

Though, this year I did let the older one get up (like 2 minutes before midnight) and watch the ball drop. His reaction? "That's it? Can I go back to bed?" Yeah. That's the kind of memory that will just tear me up later in life. ;)

Marilyn said...

I LOVE this.. What an awesome post.. I totalluy agree.. I am OVER the holiday's.. lol.. Wishing you the HAPPIEST OF NEW YEAR.. Cheers to great health, creativity and lots of laughter.. xoxoxox..