Monday, January 9, 2012

An old bottle.....

Check out this bottle.....

My husband gave this to me on our first Christmas together......this would be December, 2011. We had gotten engaged just a few days before.....and the note inside said, "To drink on our 10th Christmas together."

Well, this was it. : ) It's hard to believe it's been ten years. As he would say, "The longest ten years of my life." 

He's so funny. Don't you think? : )

We were pretty worn out by the time Christmas day evening rolled around, so we decided to enjoy our bottle on the 26th. 

I did a little research to see what kind of food would be complementary to champagne. 

Keep in mind that we are on a budget.

Besides super fancy food (think snails or caviar), my research indicated that fried food would enhance the flavor--or the notes, as the articles put it--of our champagne.

So.....we chose a sampling of White Castle's fine fried foods. White Castle opened about 3/4 of a mile away from us about six months ago. And this is the first time we have patronized it. They have some breakfast sandwiches that look killer.

I must say, the taste of the champagne was quite unlike any other I've had. It was not very sweet....definitely a sparkling wine, I guess. Can you tell I'm quite the connoisseur of champagnes?

Somewhere, I'm sure a wine snob is throwing up his or her mouth a little bit. I don't was perfect.

Here's to the next ten.....: )


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Awww congratulations! That is one very old bottle on Champagne! And I love the french fries that you pair it with- totally something I would do :) Hope your having a great week!


Tulip and Turnip said...

Congratulations! You can't go wrong with champagne and fried foods!