Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If the shoe fits.....

I was super excited last weekend to go out and spend some of the sweet gift cards I received for Christmas. You can take one of two approaches to gift cards, in my opinion. You can spend what you would spend--but get MORE--since you have a gift card to put toward the total. Or you can use the amount of the gift card and walk out, not having spent anything. Or at least, very little.

I like it when I can successfully do #2. I had a gift card to DSW and I had some fun. All of the shoes I bought were 70 or 80% off. Yessss!

One things about shoes is that since having my two kids, my feet have gotten a bit bigger. I always had biggish feet, but now I sometimes wear a 9 1/2 or even a 10. Eeek. Although, when you get up to those sizes, you have better selection, you know what I'm sayin'???

I first picked up these gold wedges. They are from the Jessica Simpson line. She skeeves me out a bit lately, but I thought the shoes were too good to pass up, especially at $8. They are a bit over the top, I know. I'll put them away for a few months. Gold shoes and snow don't go so well together.

These shoes I can wear to school. I liked the fabric on them and the little flower is cute, too.

These would be more spring shoes. I liked the yellow stripe....they will look great paired with some fun spring colors!

Grand total for all of these? 34 bones. She shoots, she scores!

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