Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good read: I Don't Know How She Does It

I've gotten through a few books recently and it's been lovely! I've always been a big a child, I had to be asked to not read at the dinner table. And sitting on the bench at softball games. And when I had friends over to play.

These days, between kids, school, crafts/DIY, blogging, etc....I don't have as much reading time as I used to. Seriously--I could be happy reading all day. I do love magazines as well, so keeping up with my subscriptions cuts into book time.

But...I'm lucky enough to have a sister and a mom who like to share books. We pass them around and it gives us something to talk about, too.

One of the books I recently read is a fine piece of chick lit. I finished I Don't Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson. You may have seen the movie for the preview.....Sarah Jessica Parker stars. I really enjoyed it!

It's about Kate, who is a mother and wife who works a high-pressure executive job. She is super stressed out, burning the candle at both ends at home and at work. She truly loves her job, but wants to be and be seen as a perfect mom.

I was intrigued with the's kind of like watching a bad car accident--you can stop watching and you know at some point, something's gotta give! Plus, her point of view is freaking hilarious. As a mom who works, I can totally relate to her and I'm a teacher, which is not nearly as stressful as her job.

The "mommy divide" can be a pervasive thing for women. Each mom makes that choice for herself and as much as popular culture would have you believe one or the other is the right choice, it's important to remember "to each her own." Kate puts it in a thought-provoking way....she says, "All of the stay-at-home mums look at us like we've gotten away with something and we look at them and know that we haven't at all."

I'll probably check out the DVD when it comes out on rental! The book jacket describes it as Bridget Jones' older sister who is a married, working mom and I agree.

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andie jaye said...

i love sjp! i'll have to check this out on netflix!