Friday, October 14, 2011

Toasty toes

I decided after last winter--which was fairly snowy--that it was high time I bought myself some proper snow boots. Having small children, I get to go out in the snow while they play. Which is fun sometimes, but not so much fun if your toes are freezing.

To keep my feet dry, I wear my rain boots....since I don't have proper snow boots. My rain boots--though super cute--offer little nothing in the way of warmth for my tootsies.

My dream snow boots look something like this....


Well....those are not quite in the budget this year.

So, I was really excited to find these in the boot aisle at Target a few weeks ago.

A genius idea! They are thicker socks for inside your rain boots! Eureka. I bought them and tried them on. They look like a big fleecy boot....

And here is what they look like with my rain boots on. Not bad!

Here's to toasty toes and lots of fun with my kiddies outside this winter!


Rachel @ Pleased as Punch said...

those are so cool! What a great idea.

Lish said...

Those are so cute!