Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Good Wife....a good show

Well, I have to be honest....I've been a much happier person since my shows started up about a month ago. I definitely have a full docket. Thursday is a busy night with Grey's, Private Practice and Project Runway. PR is ending soon, so that will relieve the pressure a bit. My husband and I are enjoying Modern Family. Thanks to our DVR, I'm able to tape the shows and watch them throughout the week so I don't O.D. on shows too quickly.

My favorite newest show is The Good Wife. It's a bit unusual for me, since it is one of the few shows that I have actually watched since the pilot.


Or, maybe it was the second episode. Either way, it is a show I really like! Each episode covers a legal case and then there are the plot developments that are built throughout the season. They have great actors....I especially enjoy Alan Cummings, Chris Noth and Michael J. Fox. They also feature some up and coming actors....I've loved Mamie Gummer, who is the daughter of Meryl Streep. It's gotten some awards and nominations. My only beef is that it moved to Sunday nights, so lately it's been getting pushed back due to Sunday NFL and if I forget, I don't get all of it taped. : )

And if network TV fails me, there are Sex and the City reruns on the DVR.


Those reruns are like a good friend you might not see in quite a long time, but with whom you have no problem picking back up.

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