Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I lack project focus

I feel I must make a confession....

I have been struck with a complete and total loss of focus when it comes to crafting and home decor projects. I tried to tally up the number of projects that I have "in the works" right now. This would include one old chair that has been sanded and painted....but the cushion has not been redone yet. So, I have an unfinished chair sitting out. Mind you, no one can sit in it. I also have fabric for two projects ready to go....but have not done them.

Much of this is tied up in frugality. My husband is on leave from his job to take a break from teaching and see if he is happy trying something else. Experimental career is not a paying experimental career yet, so my fundage for craft/home dec/gardening has been curtailed a bit. Bah.

In an effort to rein in my costs, I've tried to put a hold on buying materials for new craft/dec projects until I finish the ones I have started. Good system, right?

I seem to have a problem at times with my lack of focus when it comes to doing tasks around the house or at school. I'll start one thing on my list....then see another that is equally as important....and decide to do that one. Right then and there. That first task? I'll get back to it...and I usually do. Eventually. Why can I not focus on ONE thing at a time???

But I digress. The chair needs just one measly yard of fabric to be finished. So, I guess I should buy it and be done with that project.

Then...I won't buy anything new until I've finished the other projects, too. : )

Anyone feeling me out there?

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andie jaye said...

i've got the same thing going on too with tons of projects. we finished laying our flooring about 2 months ago and i've yet to do the quarter round. i've a whole list... someday, right?