Thursday, April 25, 2013

White shoes = dirt!

I am writing to you from the state of West Virginia, as our little family is taking a trip over to the East Coast for a long weekend. Super excited about all of the things we are going to do!

Now that spring has sprung and all that, some of my spring/summer clothes and shoes are getting a little action! It's about time. It is always amazing to me that as soon as it gets into the upper 60s and 70s in Cincinnati, people start dressing like it's July!!! It's nice outside, but it's not HOT. ; )

I wore of my fave warm weather shoes to school last white espadrilles. They are fun and summery. My students seem to like them, too!

However, I saw them with clear eyes as I was putting them on  and they are diiiiirrrty. Ick. Nothing like slightly off-white espies to put a damper on your new spring lovin' attitude.

So, I washed the straps in the washing machine. I then mixed a small solution of OxyClean and warm water.

I stuck small white washcloths underneath the white cloth part.

I used a little fingernail brush to scrub away!!! The soles of the shoes got a little wet, but they dried out nicely and although they are not pristine white, they are a little better.

I think they can make it at least another season! I love white for spring and summer, but hate how quickly it gets dirty. : ) I have a similar problem with my beloved white denim jacket.....

I'll share a photo of them with an outfit here soon. to the car for a few more hours!


Fred Reeder Jr. said...

See, this is why I always went with the black concert t-shirt.

Alice said...

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