Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gardening.....East coast style

The month of May is upon us and boy, is it a doozy. School is busy, kids are busy, schedules are full and no letup in sight.

We have had a few things that have needed replacing around here letup there, either. You know, the kind of money that is not fun to spend. That would include two sets of tires in a month and now a lawnmower that needs a part replaced. Greeeaat!

We did manage a little family trip last month to visit some friends that live in Maryland. We had a great time! We hit up Baltimore, D.C. and Annapolis. Very cool.

Here are some gardening shots I got throughout our trip.

Pansies....lots of pansies are never a bad thing.

This might be the coolest container I've ever seen. This was outside a bar where we got a drink.

Very pretty with the tulips.

Nice big swath of yellow flowers outside of some gov't building in D.C.

Not a lot of color to this one, but neat textures.

Lots of spring bloom here underneath flowering trees.

Pansies interplanted with perennials in this one.

Beautiful hellebores outside of Air and Space museum. I was surprised these were still in bloom!

Lily-of-the-valley with daffodils and dark burgundy hellebores.

This was a really pretty flowering tree of some kind....I have no idea what it was. Marylanders, help!

Virginia bluebells. not gardening pic....a cool window in downtown Baltimore.

More pics of sightseeing to follow!