Saturday, January 19, 2013


Dear slightly older lady at Target (or Phone Nazi),

Thank you so much for being on the lookout for people who are littering your airspace by talking on the phone.

Me: walking down the big aisle near the clothes with my son and a shopping cart, talking on the phone

You: browsing the 30% clearance rack

As I approached the rack to look at one item, while listening to my mother on the phone, you said, "Get off your phone." 

Um, whaaat??? Did you really just say that to me? I must have looked at you incredulously and you said, "It's rude." 

I think I recall rolling my eyes at you--as I was a bit in shock, I am trying to remember clearly--and you said, "Think whatever you like, it's impolite."

Hm. Is it just me and we are shopping at Target and not at a super-fancy department store? Or maybe Target is the only place you get out to in your lame-ass life??

I could understand if I was blabbing in a restaurant. Or at a spa. Or holding up the checkout line.

Did you have small children once upon a time? Do you remember how little time children allow you to speak on the phone? I had spent my day so far running errands with my kids and working. So, if I need to spend a few minutes speaking on the phone inside a big-box store, as long as I am not inconveniencing you, I think it's probably okay.

Even if I thought someone was being rude by talking on the phone, I would never go so far as to be rude to them to point it out. I might just give them a slightly dirty look.

So, right back at ya, babe. Get a life. And some makeup and a hairdo. Perhaps you need all the uninterrupted time shopping you can get. Because you are ruining my airspace with your bitchiness and bad hair. Think whatever you like, it's impolite.

Chatty Cathy and my cell phone


In other news, we are enjoying a nice, long, relaxing weekend, following the birthday bonanza weekend for Sweetie. Our girl is four years old now and keeps telling us that she is on her way to five. Yeah, don't really want to think about it! ; ) We had a nice party for the birthday girl. It was a bit busy then, so I did not get many good pics!

In February, I will be presenting a clinic with two other teachers at our state music education conference. SO EXCITED about this. Needless to say, it has been a lot of work and quite a bit of brainpower devoted to this project. We have about three weeks to go. I'm trying to figure out what would be the best outfit to wear for this! Don't want to be too dressy or too casual.....stay tuned.

And....we have had an epiphany about our basement. More on that to come. At least paint samples are up on the wall.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


María A. Marín said...

Just found your blog and from Andalusia in Spain I link you to my blog and follow you from today.


Sarah said...

Hi Jennifer! Just came across your blog and saw that you're from Cincy! I'm in Cleveland! Anywhooo, love this story and I probably wouldn't have just given an eyeroll. How dare someone tell you to get off the phone unless you are on an airplane or in a hospital or somewhere it's not allowed! RUDE! Anyway, cute blog and I hope you'll stop by sometime!