Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Packing it all away

So, how is 2013 looking for you lately? Good, I hope. We've been busy bees around my house. Out with the old and in with the new, you know....

I read an update on Facebook from an old friend the other day that made me laugh. It read, "I'm not making any resolutions this year because I'm just fine the way I am. I do, however, have plenty of suggestions on how you can improve."  ; )

We put away Christmas yesterday and have nearly packed it up. As I was packing some garland, I came across my favorite Christmas packing box.

It is an old bankers box that has been around a long time. It came to our house many years ago when I was a child and my grandmother sent gifts to us in it. Since then, it has been written on by my mother, my sister and me to hold various Christmas things. I enjoy seeing everything that has been written on it and knowing what each of those things mean, as well as who it was who wrote on it.

Pretty cool, huh?

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

See, I think it's very cool that you love things like this. The "For Rent" sign that you put up in the computer room is one of my favorite things you've ever done (for the unititiated, the handwriting on the sign is from my great aunt, who died at age 100 in 2000). The more we text/email/post, the less we'll have the handwriting of our loved ones to hold on to. I love that you cherish that box. And I know: I could just tell you this -- you're sitting on the couch across from me -- but I want other people to know the kind of person you are.