Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's in bloom?

Well, I must say that we are much more technologically "with it" these days around the house since our desktop computer met an timely demise. The thing was nine years old, so I guess we are lucky it lasted that long! I remember we bought it when I won an iPod from Time magazine. : ) Our computer at the time was not sophisticated enough to handle an iPod.....and it was the first iPod, the iPod mini.

Since we now have two laptops and no desktop, I had to figure out that I needed to buy a card reader for our digital camera memory card. The cord to my camera is lost and I no longer have the software to install...: ) So, I think I am good to go with my handy little card reader and it should work for someday when I can invest in a nice camera!

On to the is my liriope. Earlier this summer, I posted about how I divided a huge clump of these and planted them around the front yard. I have been amazed...these plants are so tough, they flowered even after being divided in the middle of July! : ) I know many who like plants that flower more profusely don't care for these. I like them for the shape they add to the garden and the purple flowers are welcome in the later summer months when many perennials have done their thing.

Right by the liriope above, I have sedum 'Autumn Joy.' I like the color and seasonality of these, but mine seem to be so squatty. I wish they were a little bigger. Perhaps I need a different variety. Any suggestions??

I don't cut them back at all until the spring so the brown flower heads add some winter interest.

I am beyond excited about this is caryopteris, or commonly known as bluebleard or blue spirea. It is a late season plant, coming into bloom in late August into September. I bought this plant last fall at a huge garden sale in the bargain bin. I think it cost $4.  I love the color it adds, as well as having something blooming into fall. It's kind of like dessert after a great meal. : )

The bees have been enjoying it, too. I think this plant is underused!

Last, my hibiscus put on a bit of a last show after I thought it was all bloomed out....what a treat! I'll take more of that anytime.

Have a great weekend!


Fred Reeder Jr. said...

The bees are indeed all over that blue plant, and for that reason I do not like it. Bees away! Bees away!

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

You flowers are beautiful! I'm having a second blooming cycle on my bleeding hearts & hostas. And the blue hydrangea never stopped - still going! I guess they all like their spot!