Monday, September 26, 2011

A new addition

I've been looking for something special for our dining room. This room has been  going through a bit of a transformation. We've lived in our house for two and a half years and we have used our dining room, dining just one time. For a party.

Since we have a nice big table in our kitchen, we didn't seem to use the dining room table at all. Well....I did use it to wrap Christmas presents. But....since it didn't get a lot of use, I made the decision to repurpose the room.

This idea was met with skepticism by a few with whom I shared it....but I decided to proceed anyway. Since I'm a music teacher and my kids are showing interest in music, I decided to make the room function as a music room.

And so.....

 I had been shopping around on Craigslist for a used piano and found nothing that qualified. The mother of a neighbor of a friend is downsizing to move into a condo and had no room for this beautiful instrument.

Now it lives at our house!

It was so nice to be gifted with a piano from someone who wanted it just to be loved and used.
We paid for the delivery and will need to get it tuned and have some minor repairs done. We are so excited!!

It's so beautiful and it matches the furniture in the room perfectly. We are so grateful to have a beautiful instrument that is a part of our house now.

I've got some other projects underway in that room. Stay tuned....


BluBabesCreate said...

Love the piano and make-up brush storage. Thanks for lovin' my mother's humor and the wreath!

Brandi said...

congratulations! your piano is gorgeous!