Sunday, December 26, 2010

Something else for a kitchen cabinet

Part of the work I've done in the office is to clean out this armoire:

This cabinet has its pros and cons.  On one hand, it is gigantic and hides multitudes of sins.  In the past, it has been a bit of a junk cabinet.  On the other hand, it's gigantic, only fits in one spot in the room and it is HEAVY.  I had to clean it out so I could move it to paint behind it, as well as...just plain clean it out.  The depths of this armoire used to house many things, including all of my son's art materials.  Because of the proximity to the kitchen, it was not so handy and resulted in art materials left on the kitchen table for days......on end.

Since I am a fairly functional cook--not a gourmet--I decided to consolidate some of the infrequently used appliances into one cabinet and repurpose the lower cabinet closest to the kitchen table.  My helper enjoyed sorting all of his art materials into categories and finding containers for them.  A little man after my own heart.

This is what resulted:

The pullout allows easy access to paper, crayons, markers and other often used art items.  The only thing not kept here are scissors due to baby sister.

Empty wipe containers are great for crayons and markers!  The lower section holds things like pom poms, paint tubes and brushes and a shoebox full of beads, sequins and other small stuff.

So much easier to transport and clean up!  Not only is it easier access for C, it also opens up more room in my armoire for more junk projects of mine.

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