Monday, December 27, 2010

Get out your paintbrushes!

The next project on my indoor house list should be a fairly easy one.  I am looking forward to some cold, snowy days to do some painting upstairs and down.  One of the most gratifying and transforming home projects to take on!

I am eyeing our upstairs hall bath.  This is the one the kids use.  I am planning to paint it in the next few weeks--more on that later.  The accent color for the room is going to be a deep purple color.  I recently repainted these picture frames to use in the bathroom:

I bought these at Home Goods many years ago...they used to have a distressed finish, but I painted them cream.  One thing I like about them is that the glass allows the wall paint color to show through.  The one on the left in the pic above is already taped, ready to be painted.

I looked at my acrylic paint and I had no purple.  I did have red and a lighter, dusty blue.  So I mixed those two with some black and voila....I got the purple I was hoping for!  Here is the finished product:

Not bad!  I will keep the paint color a surprise, but I think they will really POP!  

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