Monday, February 11, 2013

Eradicating the peachy off-white

If you've read my blog at all in the last few years, you would know that we inherited a lovely peachy off-white color in most of our rooms. Other than being bland, it makes me feel as if I am living in a mental institution.

I'm pretty excited....we are preparing to eliminate quite a bit of the P.O.-W. in our basement. But right after Christmas, we painted our powder room bath. Now, not only was the wall color bothersome, it was light enough to show all of the dirty handprints my children would leave as they would enter and exit the bathroom. We just couldn't take it anymore.

A few before shots...

It has really good features to it....pedestal sink and nice light fixture. So....we I chose a dark, sort of green/brown. It looks brown sometimes and sometimes a really dark green.

And after?

We added some black framed prints. This one is from an art shop in Bergen, Norway.

Here is a silver sign for the door, given to us by my Norwegian cousins. WC stands for "water closet" and means bathroom, if you didn't know.

The cabinet was a Craiglist find for about $20. It can be recessed into the wall, but I like the cabinet look.

Be gone, peachy off-white. I'm coming for the rest of you.
TDC Before and After


Andie Jaye said...

love that color. looks very classy :)

Fred Reeder Jr. said...

So glad I'm not peachy off-white. Wait a second ...