Tuesday, December 18, 2012


How are you all doing out there? It's been a rough one lately.

You know, when I go through my days, I sometimes think about different thoughts, situations or observations that go through my head that might make good blog posts. While they don't always manifest as an actual post, it's the random and inane sometimes that makes me think it might be good to share.

So, keeping it real here.....last week, I was not feeling the Christmas spirit at all. Pretty Scrooge-y. I was really feeling defeated by the stress of Christmas and how it squelches the enjoyment sometimes. 

I had been thinking about how I try to avoid getting sick from the many germs that inhabit my school and my classroom. I have some good tips!! I was all psyched up to share them.

Then, we all realized what had happened last week. And then not getting sick or dogging on Christmas didn't seem like such big deals.

I had to take a little break from social media for a few days. There are a whole lot of opinions out there. A lot of viewpoints. And I just wanted some time to process it and grieve a little bit. 

People all process grief and fear in different ways. All I know is that I've been thinking and re-thinking what I would do if I were in my classroom and that happened at my school. Over and over. It makes me feel better to think that I would have done the same as all of those brave teachers.

My classroom has been way overheated in the last month or two. Seriously, people, they need to fix it. It puts the kids in a sleepy state! But now I'm afraid to open the window.

So, I'm thankful for the perspective.

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