Saturday, December 1, 2012

Match point

Happy weekend, you lovely people. And happy December 1st! Doesn't seem like it should be December already, but there is holiday cheer out and about....for sure.

I worked out my photo issues and have a little deco to share with you today!

This is an idea I had that was inspired by matches. I purchased a box of matches at the grocery store when our flamelighter-thing bit the dust. I did not realize that I had bought three boxes of 300 matches each.

What was inspirational to me is that the tips are green! And I had a little wreath form I had bought last year.

So, I sat down, got a little comfy and started putting the matches in.

I did find it easier to add them going toward the left of the pic above, not to tuck them under the ones sticking out (to the right of the picture)

Went through one box.

And another box.

Which leaves me one box for my candles. : )

And voila. I am digging the green and also the woody look of the matchsticks. Not bad for a little wreath form and a few boxes of matches.

Here it is in my little holiday vignette.

The glass window was purchased at a garage sale many years ago and I LOVE it. Pinecone mini-tree was bought on clearance at Target a few years ago. The bell came from my mom and the rocking reindeer was bought at an antique/craft store several years ago.

Best part of this project? My husband said, "Where'd you get that idea?" My reply? "Um, me......I thought of it." ; )


Fred Reeder Jr. said...

First of all, keep the clever titles coming. They're worth the price of admission.

Second, I'm glad it'll be easy to tell the firefighters exactly where the fire started. (KIDDING! Clearly, if we're gonna have a fire, it'll be because of the meth lab in the basement.)

Jess said...

It's cute & fun! :)

I would totally light that sucker up after Christmas.

Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

That looks awesome. I love it!