Thursday, July 19, 2012

What my kids do to entertain themselves.....

We've been experiencing a heat wave as of have many others around the nation. Luckily, we have gotten a bit of rain in the last few weeks, so as we've appreciated the rain, we've been spending time playing we do a bit more on super hot days. As we go through our days with various outdoor--and indoor--activities, here are a few pics of some of my kids' entertainment.

Building forts in our family room. Since we have a couch with a chaise, it's a perfect spot to make a few tunnels.

Take out all of the baskets and you have a little tunnel to crawl through. If you're small enough to fit. Or your stuffed animals can live there. Must have fake candles to read books, too.

The view from the other cubby. You can see Sweetie's toes here.

Unfortunately, we've had to put the temporary kibosh on this. It sometimes causes altercations. Usually attributed to bossiness by the older one.

But they sure do like it.....

How are your kids keeping entertained on these long, hot days??

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