Friday, July 27, 2012

Front step pots refresh

Well, I must say it sure is nice to spend a few days at home. Back in our earlier years, my husband and I (quite happy to have summers off for lots of fun) would schedule trips back to back like you wouldn't believe.

We don't do that so much anymore, since it's so much freaking work with two kids...: ) So, having two trips about six days apart kicked our butts a bit and I've been a bit of a sloth, just enjoying being home.

Plus, we've gotten rain.....several days in a row. Now, that's just amazing. So nice to have to stay inside because of rain. *giggling with glee here*

I recently did a little update to our pots on the front step. I always enjoy my front pots combination, but I've not seemed to make good choices about hardy plants that can withstand the heat and a bit of neglect when we go on vacation (note to self.....get dog sitters to water plants....).

My pots--of which I lacked to take a picture--were comprised of petunias, cordyline (a purple, spiky foliage plant), chocolate cosmos, sweet potato vine 'Blackie' and euphorbia 'Breathless Blush.'

Okay. Well, the petunias, pictured above, petered out. The chocolate cosmos was all right, but not very full. The euphorbia was anemic. I think possibly because it got eaten by deer....but the hammer has fallen for the Breathless Blush. This is the second time I have used it and been underwhelmed.

Luckily, midsummer is a great time to buy annuals! I took myself and our kids off to Lowe's and found a few things. Once we arrived home, I pulled out the cosmos and the petunias. I also cut back the euphorbia to see if it would rebound a bit.

We purchased two red mandevillas for $1 apiece. Boo ya. I also bought some red and white zinnias for $5 a pot.

If you've never planted mandevilla, it is just nonstop with blooms. It is a tropical plant that grows as a perennial in much warmer zones. In May, it's typically very expensive. So I was quite pleased to find them at a bargain. 

Because of where the cordyline and sweet potato vine were in the pots, I planted the plants and switched the containers to the opposite side.

The final result??

I am loving the zinnias and mandevilla with the burgundy plants. Zinnias might be my favorite plant ever.

I wanted to keep the sweet potato vine and cordyline since I want to add some pink, white and maroon pansies in the fall, plus some white/pink cabbages and kales. The kales with then take us into the winter season with greenery and pinecones. I'm seeing a future post here entitled "One Year of a Plant Pot."

Are your plant pots looking tired?? Give them a little refresh!



Fred Reeder Jr. said...

So which ones are in the second-to-last photo? Those are fabulous!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, honey! Those are the zinnias.

Beth said...

Jennifer, You did a nice job refreshing your container. I am a fan of the fabulous container gardeners who change out their containers for spring, summer, and fall...and some even for winter interest. Containers can make quite an impact and yours does.