Sunday, March 4, 2012

You can grow that!

Good morning and happy Sunday. Kind of amazing that we are just one week away from the big time change to Daylight Saving Time. This always lifts my spirits considerably! I have been noticing that it has been staying light until about 6:30 or 6:45....what a nice change from 5:30 in the dead of winter.

Today I am posting in honor of "You Can Grow That Day," a new group I have joined on Facebook. On the 4th of each month, garden bloggers will be posting about something that you can grow in your garden.

So, here goes!
In honor of the first mass posting, I am choosing lettuce and greens.

We are getting really close to sowing lettuce seeds at my house. I am in zone 6b (old zones, not sure if I'm the same) and I typically direct sow seeds in mid-March.

I must be honest and tell you that I first did lettuce seeds in containers and it worked beautifully. Really, you can grow lettuce anywhere and containers are perfect as well. We love fresh salad greens at my house, so I buy a few packets of different varieties and go to town. If you're a novice gardener, start out with a container with some potting mix.

Here we are sowing last year. My kids like to help...

Once you have sown your seeds in the ground or the container, water them if needed and wait for them to sprout and grow. You may need to think the seedlings a bit so they won't be crowded, but I typically am a bit lazy and don't worry about that and let them grow right next to each other.

By the end of April or so, you should have some lettuce leaves big enough to eat. You can harvest them by taking a bit of each plant (so it will continue to grow).....or you can chop off the whole plant and use all of the leaves on one plant.

I bought an inexpensive salad spinner at IKEA to clean up my leaves.

One of the great things about growing a cooler weather crop like lettuce is that it's not going to last into the hot summer. Just in time to plant something like tomatoes!! Lettuce will go to seed when it gets too warm, so you can pull it up and plant a warm weather crop. Spinach is another cool weather green that you can plant soon.

My recommendation? Plant more than you think you will want! Lettuce? Spinach? No need to buy it in the store in the can grow that.


Little Peeps Emporium said...

Great post! I also love planting my greens, and if you're worried about bugs eating your salad, garden fabric row covers work really well at keeping the insects off your greens!

Anonymous said...

Too right - I;ve got several lettuces growing in the greenhouse that I planted from seed last autumn. They've overwintered really well and we had the first one last night for supper!


ramlbingwoods said...

Hi Jennifer..I just love the photos of your adorable children helping made me smile..Gee..maybe I could do that as I haven't tried any veg yet.. could it be in a container?.. Hmmm... great post.. Michelle

Kylee Baumle said...

You're right! Lettuce and spinach is SO easy! And there's nothing like fresh from your own garden. I'm amazed at how much cold they can survive out there. This winter was so mild that my spinach never died from last fall. I expect it will shortly start right in growing again!

Holly said...

Hmm, I think we still have a little while to go before we have to turn our clocks back here in NZ, which I'm actually quite happy about because I don't really like winter very much!

I am impressed by everything you grew in your garden! I can't even look after a pot plant properly. :(