Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Flowers.....You Can Grow That!

Happy October, you lovely people. I can hardly believe it's already October. Around my parts, we've enjoyed a cooler, seasonal September. For some reason, it doesn't seem like it's time for the garden to wind down. We're looking at a hard frost this weekend....about two weeks earlier than usual. Ready or not.....

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As the garden winds down for the year, I love having a few shrubs, perennials and annuals around to show some last-minute color. It's like they are the last to show up at the party. The garden's last gasp. It's easy to do can grow that. : )

I love perennials, so I try to have fall bloomers spread out throughout the garden. One of my favorites? Asters.

Asters are pretty low-maintenance. I pinch mine throughout the year until about mid-July to ensure they will bloom in the fall. I just bought a new aster for my garden, called 'Raydon's Favorite.' It is one of the latest-blooming asters and is typically blooming in mid-to-late October, when everything else is pretty much done.

One of my most spectacular fall bloomers are my new mums. I've planted garden mums in the past and tried to do my best to keep them coming back year to year.....but this is the third year I've had my mammoth mums.

These mums were bred in Minnesota for cold hardiness. I have one plant in that spot and it is 3-4' wide and 2-3' high. It is possible for you to have a hedge of mums. Check them out!

One of my fall blooming shrubs is caryopteris, or blue mist shrub.

This beauty, which is overgrowing its home a bit and due to be moved, blooms blue flowers in late August-early September.

It's also a cutback shrub, which means that it is cut back each year to about 8-12"....which keeps the flowers plentiful.

Let's not forget sedums, also known as live forevers. The common name certainly says something about their hardy nature. One of the toughest plants in my garden.

Last, but not least, pansies. I just love pansies. I love them in the fall, I love them in early spring. I will not eat green eggs and ham.....; ) One of my favorite regional garden authors says, "Plant pansies in the spring for six weeks of pleasure, plant them in the fall for six months of pleasure." 

Add some fall blooms to your garden! You can grow that.


Crafty Cristy said...

Awesome! I love fall flowers, too. I have been thinking about planting asters, too. Thanks for the tip about sedums. I have heard of them, but didn't really know what they looked like.

Adria Affeirno said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for commenting on my YCGT post. This is a great post as well!