Friday, August 17, 2012

What's in bloom

Well, happy Friday to all you lovely people. And it had better be a happy one for me, since it's my last one know. Luckily, it rained here overnight (yay) and it's shaping up to be a lovely weekend with temps in the 70s.

The garden is surviving. I wouldn't say thriving, since I've resumed my occasional watering to keep newly-installed plants going.'s what's going on these days. I'll post on the annuals in a few more days. Interesting things going on there.

The liriope is in bloom. I have a LOT of this since there were several clumps growing in the garden when we moved in. I divided it all and spread it around the gardens.

Here it is planted in a row under our bay window. I like them there....since it is partially covered, they don't always get as much rain. Luckily, the liriope doesn't mind neglect.

I have been amazed at these salvia plants. They have been blooming like this since May.....kind of like an annual. All I have done is deadhead the spent blooms every few days and it just keeps pushing blooms. It is covered in bees and they don't seem to mind me much....maybe they know my actions will keep the blooms coming.

Here is round two for the hibiscus. It bloomed through mid-July, then took a hiatus. I had forgotten it tends to do this, so I'm really happy to enjoy this second bloom time. Next year, I'd like to try to prune the stalks back a bit earlier in the year to see if it reduces the size a bit--but don't want it to disrupt the blooms. Does anyone have any experience with that they would like to share? I guess it's my fault for putting that plant in that spot....and I don't mind the size too much.....just experimenting a bit.

Here is a little spot the garden happened into.....the Knockout double pinks, the last of the phlox blooms, coreopsis, liriope and alyssum. I thought the coreopsis would bloom earlier in the summer, so what a nice surprise to be in bloom with the phlox! I'm enjoying this spot quite a bit right now.

How is your garden growing these days? Fall is looming......: )


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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Those red flowers are MASSIVE. I like them.

The bee flowers, not so much.