Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Tour: My Old School

Well, we are quickly approaching that time that is referred to by the three dirty words...Back. To. School. I'm kind of ready to go back, if I'm keeping it real here! I'm also super excited for my big guy, who is starting kindergarten this year. : )

As we approach the end of summer, it's time to reflect on some of the fun we had this summer....

If you couldn't tell from the post title,

a) we like to travel in the summer and...
b) we are huge Steely Dan fans at our house.

According to my sister, there are only two people in the world who like Steely Dan! It's how she knew my husband and I would hit it off. She introduced us....and we ended up married.

By the way, she has only ever fixed up two couples...and they both got married. I think she might have a career on the back burner if she needs it. : )

Anyway, we have taken a few small trips here and there this summer. One of our recent trips took us up to the Ann Arbor area to visit my husband's best friend and his family. We stopped by my old stomping grounds, Bowling Green State University, which is located in northwest Ohio.
I had not been there in a few years, so we took an afternoon to walk around and--of course--eat at Myles' Pizza Pub, one of the best pizzas in my life.

Well. Need more be said?

Anyway, I decided to snap some pictures of notable things and some flowers I noticed. Here is a shot of the main campus green.

I love black-eyed susan vine, although I have never tried it in my garden.

Here is the chapel on campus. As a music student, we sometimes had recitals and musicales there.

This is a shot of the raised seal in the middle of the green. Of course, there are all sorts of superstitions about it! Don't walk on the correct side, fail your semester....kiss on top, you'll be married. : )

Me and my kids in front of the seal...this is my first visit with them.

A pretty shot of another grassy area on campus.

I am so-so on geraniums, but these are beautiful!

This is the student was rebuilt after I graduated and it's so nice now.

This fountain is in front of the administration building. Although the water forms are pretty, I think the starkness of the fountain leaves something to be desired....

And....the 60s-era clock tower. I would say the decade of the 60s dominates much of the BG architecture. And that's putting it nicely. : )

I'm even wearing my brand new BG sweatshirt that I bought there as I compose this post.

You can't deny the ORANGE and BROWN. : )


Leah B said...

I deny the orange and brown! But, great post!

Fred Reeder Jr. said...

I thought I did a very nice job of not making any comments about BG's, ummmm, campus landscape. It's tough, you know, when you are a graduate of, you know, a superior institution.